Aviv and Raz

A family reunited – we’re overjoyed to see the Asher family finally made whole again after these two brave girls spent more than a month being held hostage by Hamas.

Raz and Aviv were among those freed over the Thanksgiving weekend, and attracted significant support and solidarity from those concerned with their safety and wellbeing.

The world spoke, and thankfully, justice was served – your voice is so much more powerful than you may think 💜

Hope over Thanksgiving

For all those who celebrate it, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving weekend full of joy, plenty of food, and family ❤️🦃

As you look around the table at your loved ones and celebrate reuniting again over your meal – appreciate your family, few things are as irreplaceable.

Many families across the world have empty seats at their table, their own sons, daughters, grandchildren taken from them during the October 7th attack. Keep them in your hearts and prayers during this time, please 💜

Gali and Ziv

This is Liran Berman. During the October 7th terrorist attack, Liran’s twin brothers Gali and Ziv were taken hostage – part of the brutal invasion of the Kibbutz Kfar Aza where around 15% of the settlement’s inhabitants were killed 💔

In the second image, you can see the brothers Gali and Ziv on vacation with their family. It has now been well over a month since their once happy family was torn apart by violence…

Our hearts go out to them in this trying time, and we remain united along with others across the world in our demand that the brothers are returned to their loved ones unharmed!

Cry of the Mothers

Pain is non-partisan – when a mother’s child is kidnapped or worse, there is no justice and no peace that can come from it. Hate cannot be allowed to win, in any form.

As we speak, there are still hundreds of innocent hostages trapped in Gaza. Alone, in unknown condition, and far from any family or loved ones.

Read Rabbi Avi Killip’s heartfelt story in full here:

Yagil and Or

Even if the rest of the world doesn’t want to listen, even if those with hate close their hearts and eyes, we will not. On October 7th, Yagil, only age 12, and his brother, Or, just 16, were kidnapped by Hamas – taken from their mother.

As long as there are children being kept as hostages, we will stop at nothing to free them. No mother should ever be torn from her child 💔

A Needed Ally

Great to see another ally to the innocent! Elisabeth Rohm, renowned actress, author, film, and television director notes her support for the hundreds of abducted hostages trapped in Gaza.

Elisabeth also founded The Respect Project – dedicated to debating, discussing, and communicating with communities and people all across the world, having hosted CEOs, Academy Award-winning Screenwriters, musicians, athletes, and other experts. Given that The Respect Project has discussed everything from love, freedom, respect, and perseverance, we hope Elisabeth’s support will reach many others as well.

As Elisabeth mentions, there have been far too many families that have been split apart by the tragedy of October 7th – will you stand with them?

Bring Home Mia

This is Keren Schem, the mother of the 21-year-old French-Israeli Mia Schem who was among the many kidnapped from the music festival in southern Israel on October 7th. While Hamas has previously released a video in late October showing that Mia was, thankfully, still alive even if scarred and injured, it has now been weeks since with little news as to her condition.

Keren and her family have been fighting with all their might to demand accountability and the return of Mia and other hostages – meeting with world leaders including France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron, and the former Presidents of France Francois Hollande & Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mia is just one of hundreds of innocent hostages trapped in Gaza, far from their families – the lack of information is making the terrible wait almost unbearable. Will you stand with Mia?

Leadership When Needed Most

This is Hersh Goldberg-Polin, one of the many innocent hostages who were abducted from the Nova music festival in southern Israel. During the attack, Hersh was severely wounded along with dozens of other innocent festival-goers, just before being thrown in the back of a truck – taking him to Gaza.

Hersh’s mother, Rachel Goldberg, is calling for leaders around the world to band together to fight for the release of Hersh and the hundreds of other hostages trapped in Gaza for what is now over a month; alone, scared, and far from loved ones.

While there is certainly much more to do in fighting for and ultimately releasing the innocent hostages – it’s great to see politicians like Marsha Blackburn address the issue head-on and advocate for an end to the pain felt by families and the kidnapped alike.

Fifty-Eight Hostages Released

We are incredibly relieved to announce that, at the time of writing this, 58 hostages previously held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza have been released over the weekend. Among those freed include Dafna (14yrs) and Ela (8yrs), two daughters of Maayan Zin, a brave mother whose heart-wrenching story of the murder of her husband and abduction of her children we shared on our own page. The joy and relief Maayan and many other families across not only Israel, but indeed the world, must be feeling is incomparable.

Yet, for all the celebration, there are almost two-hundred more hostages that are still trapped in Gaza. Upon returning to Israel, many former-hostages looked sickly, thin, and desperate for food and water. For the families who still have loved ones in captivity, including infants, the stinging pain and loss is as real as the day their children were taken.

It is undeniable that this is an amazing victory – dozens of hostages are free and so many worried moms are finally able to have a peaceful night of sleep after more than 50 days of worry. While it’s unsure whether the cease-fire and agreement freeing hostages will continue, either way, we’re going to continue to fight until EVERY hostage is free – man, woman, and child.

We hope you’ll stand with us.