Planet of Tears

“I love you – I’m Sorry”

In her address to the world, brave mother Rachel Goldberg recounts some of the last known events in her son, Hersh Goldberg-Polin’s life. A day like any other, her son said goodbye to her before meeting a close friend to unwind and celebrate at a music festival dedicated to unity and love. 

The last communication Rachel would ever have with her son Hersh would be the two brief texts he sent her before his abduction – “I love you,” and “I’m sorry.” 

Shortly after, Hamas terrorists would breach the shelter he was hiding at. Immediately, their grenades cut the lives of many festival-goers short. Hersh’s own left arm had been blown off at the elbow – still, even this did not dissuade the terrorists, who kidnapped him and currently have him imprisoned in unknown condition somewhere in Gaza.

Rachel’s pleas for help for these hostages and information concerning their whereabouts have gone unanswered. As a mother, she would do anything to see her son home safe again – as would the many families suffering in a similar way. Will you help carry Rachel’s message and speak up for those who have been silenced?

One Month since the Unimaginable

No Peace for Dafna and Ela

In this heart-wrenching video the mother of Dafna, a fifteen year-old girl, and Ela, an eight year-old toddler, describes the horror that transpired a month ago from today. During the terrorist attack on Israel, Maayan’s husband was murdered in front of his two daughters, and her two girls were abducted by Hamas and taken to Gaza.

Maayan implores President Joe Biden for leadership and assistance to finally bring her girls home – begging for peace and relief from what must seem to be pain without end. If, Maayan, notes he is unable to rescue them – she wishes to be sent to Gaza herself. If only to see the faces of her daughters again and to be reunited with them no matter the cost.

Maayan’s great sense of loss, as a mother, is tragically not unique in the wake of the October 7th terror attack. The families of the 230 individuals abducted, across Israel, and, indeed the entire world, are wracked with the same heartache. 

Undoubtedly, any mother can sympathize with Maayan’s pain – will you share your sympathy and stand in solidarity with families like Maayan’s?

Watch the video on Maayan’s X (formerly Twitter) here.

Americans Rally in Support of Hostages

Ribbons for Return

In a heartwarming show of support, these two women are spreading awareness of the hundreds of hostages still trapped in Gaza, captured by Hamas terrorists. The blue ribbons they are tying around the trees signify solidarity with the abducted victims, their families, and all those who experienced loss as a result of the October 7th terrorist attack.

These blue ribbon campaigns are open to receiving help from anyone interested in participating – no matter their race, ethnicity, or religion. In such a trying time, unity is more important than ever. By tying the ribbons before the 2023 New York City Marathon that will pass by the area, the brave women in the video maximize visibility to bring awareness to the plight of the innocent Israeli hostages.

You too can do the same. Are you a mother who would like to voice your support for the hostages trapped in Gaza, bring attention to the issue, and call for their return? Reach out to us – your contribution could mean everything.

No Last Goodbye

Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Having been woken up by sirens in the morning, Doris called her son to ask where he was and if he was on his way back home for a holiday meal. That’s when she heard the unimaginable; he was caught in the middle of the massive terror attack sweeping southern Israel.

This is what Guy Iluz’s mother, Doris, went through. In just a moment, the joy she felt at the thought of seeing her son return for the holidays was gone. 

She was forced to hang up the phone to call for help to try and save her son – she didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye before he was taken hostage by Hamas. Doris and hundreds of other mothers from across the globe now need us to help them get their kids back by putting international and humanitarian pressure on Hamas to release the hostages. If it were your child – what would you do?

“Don’t Take Me – I’m Too Young”

A Family’s Last Words

Renana Jacob is a mother whose two sons, aged 12 and 16, were kidnapped by Hamas. As the family scrambled for safety during the terror attack , Renana was on the phone with her frightened children as Hamas terrorists broke first into their family home, and then into the safe room where her sons were hiding. The last words she ever heard from her youngest son were, “Don’t take me – I’m too young.”

Now, Renana can do little but dwell on the fear her two sons must be facing in the dark tunnels under Gaza and pray for their safe return.

Your support for Renana and the hundreds of other mothers like her who have lost their children to Hamas could mean everything – it could even bring their family back together. By calling for the release of the innocent hostages held by Hamas, even you can help bring an end to the nightmare.

Unbreakable Bonds

Light in the Darkness

In this interview, Liz Naftali talks about her harrowing experience being awoken by the sound of a bomb-raid on Saturday morning, October 7th, and hearing the news of the attack in southern Israel. One of the first things Liz did was reach out – she discovered the horrible truth that her niece and husband had been killed. Already a tragedy. But it did not stop there, Liz’s nephew was also murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to save a three-year old child before they could flee the chaos. 

Despite the pain, Liz refused to let the experience and heartache embitter her and she speaks in an outpouring of emotion how hate has no borders and, that, despite the efforts of some to split communities apart and sow division based on ethnicity, religion, or geography we must always keep our hearts and minds open to love.

While the initial attack on Israel is over, hundreds remain as captives of Hamas trapped in Gaza, far from their own families and loved ones. 

Listen to Moms is dedicated to leverage the strength of mothers like Liz and working to amplify their voices with the goal of bringing these hostages home safely. Listen to Moms serves as a reminder that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, the collective power of individuals can shape a brighter future – it is in these dark times that humanity must join together.

If you’re a mom, whether you have a following of tens-of-thousands or just a few, consider joining this campaign. Together, we can create ripples of change, powerful waves of influence, and, ultimately, a movement that brings hope and safety to those in need. The power of every mother’s voice is real, and it’s time to harness it for good.