Fifty-Eight Hostages Released

We are incredibly relieved to announce that, at the time of writing this, 58 hostages previously held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza have been released over the weekend. Among those freed include Dafna (14yrs) and Ela (8yrs), two daughters of Maayan Zin, a brave mother whose heart-wrenching story of the murder of her husband and abduction of her children we shared on our own page. The joy and relief Maayan and many other families across not only Israel, but indeed the world, must be feeling is incomparable.

Yet, for all the celebration, there are almost two-hundred more hostages that are still trapped in Gaza. Upon returning to Israel, many former-hostages looked sickly, thin, and desperate for food and water. For the families who still have loved ones in captivity, including infants, the stinging pain and loss is as real as the day their children were taken.

It is undeniable that this is an amazing victory – dozens of hostages are free and so many worried moms are finally able to have a peaceful night of sleep after more than 50 days of worry. While it’s unsure whether the cease-fire and agreement freeing hostages will continue, either way, we’re going to continue to fight until EVERY hostage is free – man, woman, and child.

We hope you’ll stand with us.

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