Unbreakable Bonds

Light in the Darkness

In this interview, Liz Naftali talks about her harrowing experience being awoken by the sound of a bomb-raid on Saturday morning, October 7th, and hearing the news of the attack in southern Israel. One of the first things Liz did was reach out – she discovered the horrible truth that her niece and husband had been killed. Already a tragedy. But it did not stop there, Liz’s nephew was also murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to save a three-year old child before they could flee the chaos. 

Despite the pain, Liz refused to let the experience and heartache embitter her and she speaks in an outpouring of emotion how hate has no borders and, that, despite the efforts of some to split communities apart and sow division based on ethnicity, religion, or geography we must always keep our hearts and minds open to love.

While the initial attack on Israel is over, hundreds remain as captives of Hamas trapped in Gaza, far from their own families and loved ones. 

Listen to Moms is dedicated to leverage the strength of mothers like Liz and working to amplify their voices with the goal of bringing these hostages home safely. Listen to Moms serves as a reminder that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, the collective power of individuals can shape a brighter future – it is in these dark times that humanity must join together.

If you’re a mom, whether you have a following of tens-of-thousands or just a few, consider joining this campaign. Together, we can create ripples of change, powerful waves of influence, and, ultimately, a movement that brings hope and safety to those in need. The power of every mother’s voice is real, and it’s time to harness it for good.

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