Home Invasion

October 30, 2023

Renana Jacob is a mother whose two sons, aged 12 and 16, were kidnapped by Hamas. As the family scrambled for safety during the terror attack , Renana was on the phone with her frightened children as Hamas terrorists broke first into their family home, and then into the safe room where her sons were hiding. The last words she ever heard from her youngest son were, “Don’t take me – I’m too young.”

Now, Renana can do little but dwell on the fear her two sons must be facing in the dark tunnels under Gaza and pray for their safe return.

Your support for Renana and the hundreds of other mothers like her who have lost their children to Hamas could mean everything – it could even bring their family back together. By calling for the release of the innocent hostages held by Hamas, even you can help bring an end to the nightmare.