Maayan Zin

November 6, 2023

In this heart-wrenching video the mother of Dafna, a fifteen year-old girl, and Ela, an eight year-old toddler, describes the horror that transpired a month ago from today. During the terrorist attack on Israel, Maayan’s husband was murdered in front of his two daughters, and her two girls were abducted by Hamas and taken to Gaza.

Maayan implores President Joe Biden for leadership and assistance to finally bring her girls home – begging for peace and relief from what must seem to be pain without end. If, Maayan, notes he is unable to rescue them – she wishes to be sent to Gaza herself. If only to see the faces of her daughters again and to be reunited with them no matter the cost.

Maayan’s great sense of loss, as a mother, is tragically not unique in the wake of the October 7th terror attack. The families of the 230 individuals abducted, across Israel, and, indeed the entire world, are wracked with the same heartache. 

Undoubtedly, any mother can sympathize with Maayan’s pain – will you share your sympathy and stand in solidarity with families like Maayan’s?

Watch the video on Maayan’s X (formerly Twitter) here.