Mother of Guy Iluz

October 30, 2023

Having been woken up by sirens in the morning, Doris called her son to ask where he was and if he was on his way back home for a holiday meal. That’s when she heard the unimaginable; he was caught in the middle of the massive terror attack sweeping southern Israel.

This is what Guy Iluz’s mother, Doris, went through. In just a moment, the joy she felt at the thought of seeing her son return for the holidays was gone. 

She was forced to hang up the phone to call for help to try and save her son – she didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye before he was taken hostage by Hamas. Doris and hundreds of other mothers from across the globe now need us to help them get their kids back by putting international and humanitarian pressure on Hamas to release the hostages. If it were your child – what would you do?