Ribbons for Return

November 5, 2023

In a heartwarming show of support, these two women are spreading awareness of the hundreds of hostages still trapped in Gaza, captured by Hamas terrorists. The blue ribbons they are tying around the trees signify solidarity with the abducted victims, their families, and all those who experienced loss as a result of the October 7th terrorist attack.

These blue ribbon campaigns are open to receiving help from anyone interested in participating – no matter their race, ethnicity, or religion. In such a trying time, unity is more important than ever. By tying the ribbons before the 2023 New York City Marathon that will pass by the area, the brave women in the video maximize visibility to bring awareness to the plight of the innocent Israeli hostages.

You too can do the same. Are you a mother who would like to voice your support for the hostages trapped in Gaza, bring attention to the issue, and call for their return? Reach out to us – your contribution could mean everything.